About Us

OUR Background

Haven Cyber Technologies was set up to achieve the vision created by the founder of C5 Capital – a technology investment firm with focus on high growth cyber security companies – to build the leading pure play cyber security provider in Europe.

The founder, management team and strategic partners of C5 Capital are convinced that the fragmented cyber security markets in Europe does not efficiently serve the security needs of organizations. With countless companies offering individual security products and services without support or direction, Haven Cyber Technologies meets this need to guide and invest in the market.

Our mission is to support organizations with comprehensive and high-quality cyber security, meeting and exceeding their business goals by helping them protect their IT infrastructure, communication and sensitive data both in the cloud and on site.

Our objective

Our aim is to become the leading next generation cyber security provider in Europe.

Our approach

We are acquiring companies to build an impressive group of cyber security specialists and we add value to these companies by:

  • Offer a global integrated team and partners of industry specialists, investment managers, strategic partners and investors;
  • Form close partnerships with the management team of our companies and spend significant time on the ground;
  • Share knowledge, relationships and resources among our group companies and the C5 Capital ecosystem;
  • Provide growth capital to our group companies to make bolt-on acquisitions and other strategic initiatives;
  • Focus on strategy to get results and commit to multi-year goals to drive and deliver the value of our group companies.

Our differentiation

We believe that our strategy and approach differs from our competitors in many ways. We give founders and management teams of our group companies the opportunity to accelerate their business and achieve growth objectives by:

  • Giving strategic direction and guidance to help identify, formulate and plan sustainable growth strategies;
  • Support the implementation of growth plans with capital and hands-on operational support;
  • Provide opportunities within our ecosystem for rapid expansion in identified new markets and services;
  • Provide access to new talent, innovations and expertise using our vast network of clients, partners and customers;
  • Improve operational excellence with sharing best-practise initiatives, processes and implementation experience;
  • Offer an unrivalled team of professionals, strategic partners, advisors and long-term investors.