BlueVoyant and Haven Cyber Technologies announce a new partnership to scale third party risk services in the UK and Europe.

New Partnership to bring BlueVoyant’s best-in-class third-party risk product to market for enhanced supply chain risk management.

Today, we are pleased to announce that Haven is partnering with BlueVoyant to bring a new innovative cyber risk product to market with our operating companies, ITC Secure and Onevinn. Haven is a leading cybersecurity platform in Europe, enabling the digital transformation of industries in a secure environment. Through this partnership, we will focus on accelerating delivery to public sector and enterprise customers in the UK and Europe to address one of the most critical cybersecurity risks at this time.

Managing third-party cyber risk is fast becoming the defining cybersecurity challenge of our time. As organisations increase the volume and variety of suppliers they work with, they expose their organisations to the vulnerabilities of those business partners.

Last week, BlueVoyant released the results of a worldwide survey of 1500+ CISOs and security leaders that revealed large vendor ecosystems and low visibility are increasing third-party cyber risk. The study revealed that 80% of organisations surveyed experienced a cybersecurity breach that originated from vulnerabilities in their vendor ecosystem in the past 12 months, and the average respondent’s organisation had been breached in this way 2.7 times. The study also found that respondents had a staggering average of 1,409 suppliers in their networks.

Source: BlueVoyant Global Insights: Supply Chain Cyber Risk

BlueVoyant’s third party risk product and service goes beyond identifying cyber risk to provide an end-to-end solution, including assessment, analysis, remediation and execution. BlueVoyant’s service is proactive and collaborative, working with client risk methodologies and their vendor suppliers.

One of the sectors we will focus on is the healthcare sector in Europe that continues to suffer deadly ransomware attacks as part of our work with the Cyber Alliance to Defend our Healthcare. Through the Alliance, we are providing free cybersecurity products and services to hospitals and clinics to protect frontline healthcare workers and patients, and we have the opportunity to build our contribution with investment in third-party cyber risk management. 

The partnership between Haven and BlueVoyant follows a recent investment by C5 Capital in BlueVoyant. C5 joined BlueVoyant’s $68M Series B funding round led by Temasek Holdings. Our Founder and Chief Executive of C5 Capital, André Pienaar, joined the Board of Directors at BlueVoyant as an Observer to support the company’s organic growth. André is also the Executive Chairman of Haven Cyber Technologies.

BlueVoyant is a fast growing Managed Service Provider in North America and a Microsoft partner. Haven Cyber Technologies is the fastest growing Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) in Europe and a Microsoft partner. Both companies are backed by C5 as a specialist venture capital firm focused on the secure data ecosystem.